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Welcome to my page! I created this site as a place to communicate my love for God, my family, our essential oil / non-toxic lifestyle and our gluten free journey. Here’s a little more about me…

I’m married to my best friend – going on 9 years! We have 3 boys, 2 dogs, a massive non-GMO / organic garden and have just started an arbor with apple and peach trees. Someday soon we hope to have chickens. My husband is a pastor and we are heavily involved our church. I am a Registered Nurse, employed at our local hospital as the Community Health Outreach Coordinator.


My passion is to see others, especially women, grow spiritually and personally to experience the abundant life that has been planned for us. I get excited when friends start a wellness journey with essential oils or natural eating or intentional ways of reducing stress. I love seeing others grow spiritually through prayer and intense study of the Bible. Teaching is another passion of mine. In my job at the hospital, I am passionate about seeing our community become a true culture of recovery. I want women and families to not just survive, but to THRIVE here and now! I also want us to be able to be vulnerable and not have to pretend that we are something that we’re not. We need to be real with each other so we can grow together.


In October 2014, our family health insurance situation drastically changed and all the sudden I felt this huge responsibility to keep my young family healthy and OUT of the doctor’s office as much as possible! A friend introduced us to essential oils and we jumped in – hoping this would be our answer for preventative health and overall wellness support. BINGO! Using essential oils has exceeded our expectations in every way.

I believe every family needs these oils and products! I am fascinated by the chemistry and effectiveness of therapeutic-grade essential oils. As I study more of God’s creation with these oils, I am blown away. I enjoy researching them and using them for myself and my family’s overall wellness With my medical background and love for teaching, I am able to greatly support anyone who has a passion for prevention, wellness and health education. Come join our growing team!

diffuser bible

In my spare time, I enjoy reading historical fiction, watching pro football while cheering for the Colts, and eating Mexican food. I hope you enjoy reading more in the Blog section here as well as looking over all the information on essential oils. I’d love to hear from you!



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