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I have my YL Premium Starter Kit! Now What?

A Mom on a Mission Blog Post
January 31, 2015
A Mom on a Mission Blog Post

It is an exciting day when your Young Living Premium Starter Kit arrives in the mail!!! Quickly, the excitement and anticipation turns into a million questions and a feeling of being completely overwhelmed as you wonder how you are supposed to use these oils to make a difference in your family. Don’t worry – we have all felt this way, and I promise you will eventually be a pro at using the oils. In fact, you will find yourself listening to other people complain of various aches and illnesses and you will think, “I’ve got an oil for that!”

I wanted to put a post together that gives you some simple instructions for getting started with your kit.

Remember: Start LOW and SLOW!!!
Here are 2 links that will remind you what each oil can be used for:

So Now What?

Please remember that you have incredible resources at your finger-tips. You can ask or search for any question in the secret Facebook groups to which you have been added. You can also text or call me anytime with questions and we will figure out the answer together!

Diffuse & Inhale

This is one of my favorite ways to use the oils. Your diffuser will cover a 250-350 square foot area with pleasing and therapeutic aromas. My kids love having the diffuser on and often ask for it in their room at night. I will be purchasing more diffusers in the near future; the one we have travels quite a bit from room to room!
  • Fill the diffuser to the fill line with water, then add 4-6 drops of oils.
  • Feel free to mix oils! One of my favorites for a “happy day” is Joy + Peppermint. The possibilities are endless and you can find an abundance of recipes on Pinterest or Google.
  • When we are faced with immune system attacks, I diffuse Thieves with either Lemon or Purification.
  • For digestive support, we diffuse Peppermint.
  • For relaxation time, we diffuse Lavender.
  • When I’m cleaning and want a “clean-house” smell, I diffuse Lemon or Purification (or both!).
  • If you don’t have your diffuser handy, you can put 1 drop of your oil of choice on your hands, rub them together and inhale.


Some oils can be ingested, though I recommend that you research this more before you try various oils. Here are the ones we have ingested:
  • We put 1-2 drops of Lemon in our water daily. This helps support our immune system in a powerful way! It is delicious – and for many, this tip has helped them kick the soda habit! Be sure to use only a glass or stainless steel container – not plastic – when you are drinking an oil.
  • For respiratory support, we mix 1-2 drops each of Lemon and Thieves and put it in a mug with hot water and honey. This recipe is referred to as “Thieves Tea” and is so soothing and immune-supporting.
  • For digestive needs, I put 1 drop of Peppermint on my thumb and press my thumb to the roof of my mouth for 10 seconds. This quick-absorption brings almost immediate relief. I also like to add Peppermint and DiGize in a capsule and swallow.
  • When faced with seasonal issues, ingest a drop of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint – either with water in a shot glass or in a capsule.
  • To ward off the bad germs, I put 1 drop of Thieves on my thumb and press my thumb to the roof of my mouth for 10 seconds. Repeat as needed


I love applying the oils directly to my skin! Do not be afraid to use the oils topically – this is a very effective means of experiencing the benefit the oils can bring. Sometimes you’ll need to apply an oil repeatedly to experience relief.
Don’t knock it until you try it! — Applying oils directly to the feet is so effective! The chart above shows the areas of the feet that correspond to various body systems. My kids are used to hearing me say, “Don’t put your socks on yet, we have oils to apply!”
  • We apply Thieves and Lemon almost daily to keep their immune systems strong.
  • Peppermint or DiGize to the “stomach” area…
  • Valor and Peace and Calming applied to the Big Toe help with some nervous system responses.
Other topical uses:
  • I apply a drop of Stress Away to my wrists daily (sometimes multiple times a day!).
  • Don’t hesitate to apply PanAway for a massage.
  • Peppermint can also help the nervous system or respiratory system when applied to the temples.
  • Oils like Frankincense are effective for skin health.
  • If you get any type of burn, immediately apply Lavender to the site.
Neat vs. Diluted
  • In the oil world, the word “neat” means to apply directly without adding a “carrier oil” such as coconut or olive oil. Most oils can be applied directly to the skin without an oil.
  • Some oils are best diluted. For younger kids, it is recommended to dilute most oils when applying them.
  • Actually, diluting the oil does not decrease the effectiveness of the oil AND it increases the life-time of the oil so you don’t run out of it as quickly!
  • You can mix an oil or recipe of oils in olive oil or coconut oil and then rub on the skin. We do this most often with Peppermint, a “hot” oil.
I hope these tips have been helpful as you jump in and start using your oils. If you’re not seeing improvement of symptoms, then you’re not using the oils enough or in the right way. Keep trying and asking questions until you find what works for you! We are here to help and are excited to hear the stories of how your family will benefit and be blessed by Essential Oils.
Feel free to comment with other ways you have used the PSK oils. If you’ve read this and would like to order this for your family, click here for more information.
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